Not crazy at all! In fact this piece really resonates with me and I recently wrote about the topic here:

I would recommend you think about what a healthy balance looks like for you and discuss it with your partner. What's your wish-list when it comes to the division of chores, and what is hers? A bit of honesty will go a long way. Perhaps think about what an ideal week would look like for you - write it down and use it as the basis of discussion. Get your partner to do the same, and then the differences between them can be the debate. Compromise is about getting to a point where all parties are equally unhappy.

The pandemic has forced us all to live in much closer proximity than we like. As a result it's really hard to find the right amount of physical and mental space from each other. It's been brutal. I too am feeling the same pain as yourself, as I do know many others. All I can say is that, if you're honest about your needs, you can start to find a better balance where you're getting the space and time you need.

I wonder- how much time and space do you need so that, you start to miss them all again? Time and space to allow your heart to fill again.

Good luck and sending love!

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