This piece really resonated with me - thanks for sharing! I'm also recently retired from full-time work with a passive income at age 35 that will allow me to live a comfortable life forever. I certainly feel the social pressures from all angles that you mention. It's like, you're somehow not a valid member of society if you don't have a job. I struggle with what to even write on my LinkedIn title, "company" is a mandatory field!

Yet, in history, all the most successful and prominent figures dedicated their lives to their work, not a job. Philosophers, Writers, Scientists. A life of work need not be a life of a job.

As a father and husband, I feel pressure from parents that I should be "providing" for my family. And by providing, I mean, holding down a 9-5 job. It's unfathomable to most people I know that I could provide in other ways, like, hell I don't know, raising and teaching my children 🤣

Good luck to you in your future endeavours!

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